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E-Car Markings

There aren’t currently any set rules on colours and size of EV charging bays other than dimensions should follow normal parking bays.

It is important to consider how many cars will be able to access a single charger. Ideally, each charge-point should be positioned to serve as many EV’s as possible. Most cables are between 4-8 meters long, so that let that be your guide when planning your layout.

When considering the style and design of your car park bays, it is essential that the EV bays are clearly differentiated from other parking bays by colour, signage and EV logos on the surface, so they are clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians.

As one of the country’s leading marking contractors our crews have been busy marking these new bays throughout Ireland. With the rise in the \Electric charging points have been grown by 5 times since 2011, this is set to continue.

If you would like to know more or need advice on including EV charging bays into your carpark or are looking for a dependable markings contractor to manage your ca park marking requirements, please Car Park Lining team and will be glad to help!